We all lead fast-paced lives with many demands on us and our time; hardly surprising therefore that so many of us suffer from anxiety.   General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects over 10% of the population at any one time.  This disorder manifests itself in many ways, and can strike very suddenly or with great strength and intensity.  The effects vary, from causing minor social problems to rendering sufferers completely incapable of living a normal life.   The symptoms can include:

  • Palpitations
  • Feeling faint
  • Fear of being out of control
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Feeling very hot or cold all over
  • Nausea
  • Depression

Sufferers may have only one or two of the above symptoms, or may experience full blown panic attacks.  Living with this disorder and experiencing these symptoms regularly can have a detrimental effect on their lives, from causing a lack of interest in normal social interactions, to a total lack of interest in sex, relationships, work and day to day life. 

Whatever your symptoms are, don’t worry.   Help is at hand.  Your symptoms can be greatly eased and even eliminated through treatment with Hypnotherapy and Thought Field Therapy.   

Specific Anxieties

If your anxiety is a specific one, i,e there is one particularly problematic  aspect of your life that causes you stress, I can help you eliminate the symptoms.    Even though I cannot remove the problem, I can help to eliminate the crippling feelings of anxiety or upset that prevent you from being able to cope with your issue.  Whether your feelings are based on an experience in your past, a problem you have to deal with regularly in the present, or something you will have to face in your future that causes you great anxiety, I can help you with Thought Field Therapy.   

Let’s take the example of someone facing an exam.    They have studied for years towards this exam and have revised  diligently; they feel that they have worked as hard as possible to ensure their exam success.  However, the main and overwhelming problem they have is exam nerves.   From past experience, they know that as soon as they walk into that exam room, they will start to sweat or feel nauseous, their concentration will go and they will become incapable of sitting the exam.  The success they KNOW they deserve will be snatched from them by crippling feelings of anxiety.     Thought Field Therapy (TFT) has been used extensively to treat anxiety, trauma and phobias, and enjoys an extremely high success rate.  Combine TFT with the power of Hypnotherapy to plant positive suggestions in the subconscious, aid with relaxation and improve self esteem, and you have an extremely powerful treatment for your problem.    

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