Other Treatment Areas

Sports Motivation


Being physically at the top of your game is, unfortunately, not always enough.  Many sportsmen and women suffer from mental anxieties which prevent them from getting the maximum from their training, expertise and experience.  These anxieties can include:


Fear of losing

Fear of losing in public

Fear of letting themselves/family/coach/mentor down

Fear of taking part (particularly relevant at top level)


So how can Hypnotherapy help?  By teaching relaxation techniques to calm nerves,   using strong visualisation techniques to help stop ‘mental blocks’ and in cases of particular anxieties or remembered traumas (past losses), utilising Thought Field Therapy to remove emotions (embarrassment, anxiety) behind the remembered  loss.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


IBS can often be triggered by stress which acts as the catalyst to start the feelings of bloating, cramps and stomach spasms and can lead to acute pain and/or diarrhoea


So how does Hypnotherapy help this condition?   Teaching self hypnosis, breathing,  and  relaxation techniques has been proven to ease the symptoms (particularly when stress related).    The gastroenterologist Peter Whorwell, from the Withington Hospital, Manchester, has used Hypnotherapy extensively to treat his patients, and  with  great success.  The therapy has proved highly effective, with a recent study showing it had helped 71% of patients for up to five years after their course of treatment.


Nail Biting


Nail biting frequently starts in childhood, although adults can begin biting nails as a stress response.  At best, this is an unsightly habit, at worst, sufferers can cause bloodied nails by biting down to the quicks.   So how can Hypnotherapy help?    Whatever the reason behind biting your nails, hypnotherapy can help you by suggesting alternatives to your subconscious mind and giving you the tools to help you cope with stressful situations.  In cases of specific anxiety, Thought Field Therapy can also be extremely powerful, in removing permanently the severe negative emotion or stress that causes the nail biting to start.


Anger Management


Past events or traumas can act as the trigger that causes a person to react with immediate and uncontrolled anger, where someone else who has not suffered the same degree of stress would handle the situation more calmly.  Unfortunately, when anger becomes uncontrolled, it can have a permanent and detrimental effect on one’s life, if not treated.  Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Thought Field Therapy are utilised together to remove the original feelings of distress, help the sufferer to understand why they react the way they do and how to combat this, and by making positive suggestions for change to the subconscious mind.  This culminates in the  sufferer being left with a lasting and natural cure for their problem.


Skin Disorders


The skin is the body’s largest organ, and while many skin problems have physical causes, i,e reactions to chemicals/additives/environmental conditions  etc,  another main cause for skin problems is our emotional state, or the level of stress we are having to deal with.    Hypnotherapy helps by teaching the sufferer relaxation techniques, increasing self esteem, and where there is a specific root cause (i,e, a past trauma), removing the debilitating feelings attached to this trauma using Thought Field Therapy.   Please ensure that your skin disorder has been diagnosed by your GP prior to attending your first Hypnotherapy session.


Other Issues


There are so many areas of life where the therapies utilised at State Of Mind Hypnotherapy can provide a fast, effective, permanent treatment.    If you have not found your particular problem detailed on these pages, it doesn’t mean it can’t be helped!    Please do not hesitate to call for friendly, empathic advice.