Stop Smoking

As you’re reading this page, I’m assuming you’ve reached the decision that you really want to stop smoking.  I think I can probably list here some of the very mixed feelings you have about stopping, if they’re anything like mine were...

  • Regret  -  at ever starting, but now at ‘losing’ your old friend
  • Guilt  -  at the money you’ve wasted and not having done it earlier for your family/friends/self
  • Anger  -  at being under the control of the tobacco companies for so long
  • Dread  -  that you may have left it too late and that your health WILL be impacted
  • Real fear – at the thought of not being able to stop smoking
  • Real fear – at the thought of being able to stop  smoking (no, this isn’t a typo... see below)

So you want to be a non smoker, but fear you won’t be able to stop smoking, because even though you know it’s killing you, you believe that you actually enjoy SOME cigarettes...       As you know only too well, nicotine is highly addictive, and each cigarette contains approximately 4,800 poisons.  When you started smoking, your immune system did it’s utmost to stop you from continuing (your first cigarette probably caused nausea, dizziness or coughing), but you persisted, and gradually trained it to accept cigarettes.  That training has resulted in your body’s acceptance of being poisoned, and your addiction to nicotine.  

Fact:  The psychological addiction is far greater than the physical addiction, which is why smokers don’t get up every couple of hours during the night to have a cigarette, but as soon as they awaken, the psychological addiction kicks in again.    If you’re a 20 a day smoker, you will on average consume 7,300 cigarettes per annum, so a 25 year habit will have seen you get through over 182,000.  This makes nicotine addiction unlike any other, and creates the strong psychological ‘bond’ with smoking.

Ask an average smoker why they smoke, and they’ll say ‘stress’,  ‘habit’,  ‘it helps me concentrate’,  ‘it settles my stomach after a meal’ or a whole load of other reasons.   If smoking a cigarette calmed you down, then smoking twenty should render you almost comatose...!   Of course it doesn’t - the only reason you feel ‘calmed’ by your cigarette is because you have just FED your addiction.  And by feeding it AGAIN, and mistakenly thinking you enjoy the smoking, you are setting yourself up with the need to feed your addiction again and again and again until it seriously damages your health or even kills you.

Fact:  Physical nicotine addiction lasts four days if you don’t feed it.   ‘So why is it last time I stopped smoking I sometimes wanted a cigarette weeks later?? ’  Because your addiction created a psychological dependence.   In other words, after all those years when you fed your nicotine addiction (by lighting up cigarettes) your brain came to think that you couldn’t live without it.   It actually created a subconscious fear of doing without it.   And that’s where the therapies I utilise will help you.

I generally use a combination of Thought Field Therapy (to help you deal with the immediate craving) and Hypnotherapy, which accesses your subconscious mind and deals with the psychological dependence.    Both therapies are  safe, permanent,  suitable for most people and effective immediately.    For you - no more nicotine, and no drugs required.   From you, the life changing decision and commitment to stop smoking and really start living.