Weight Management

You are probably reading this page because for whatever reason you believe, you are not managing your weight or seem unable to lose weight.    Your weight is managing you, and having a detrimental effect on your life.  You have tried dieting several times in the past.  The diets (and I don’t mean the faddy ones...) work, but as soon as you come off the diet, the weight goes back on... and on...  So you end up feeling that diets simply ‘don’t work’ for you, and you give up.   As an intelligent adult, you are conscious that to lose weight you need to:

  • eat a balanced diet with proper nutrition and not snack between meals
  • get enough exercise to burn off calories and stay fit
  • maintain a healthy metabolism to efficiently use the calories you take in

 So why can’t you follow these simple rules?    Some common answers include the fact that:

  • We are conditioned to believe (or taught) that food  = comfort.  This conditioning starts from birth, and the comfort and contentment we felt by being held close whilst being fed as babies.   Also, many of you may remember being given food as a ‘treat’ (chocolate, crisps etc) as children, if you had behaved well, so there is an association with food being a ‘reward’.  As adults however, we not only ‘reward’ ourselves if we’ve achieved something, we frequently ‘reward’ ourselves if we’ve just had a ’bad day’, or even just a normal one...  Food acts as a kind or tranquiliser for many people.  It briefly masks or blankets their anxiety, but in turn creates further anxiety when guilt or regret kicks in.  
  • Some of us will also have been conditioned from childhood to clear our plates (the ‘waste not, want not’ culture).  Or will have been encouraged to eat quickly in a competitive environment.     Others will have been bought up snacking or eating their meals in front of the TV. 
  • Some people over-eat and gain weight as a deliberate ‘barrier’ to protect themselves from social or emotional situations;  the reason for their ‘being single’ or ‘unpopular’.  This is emotional eating and has nothing to do with any physical desire or need to eat.  Again, this is anxiety based over-eating.

So which therapies will help?   Hypnotherapy will help you to lose weight or manage your weight permanently.  Old, deeply ingrained subconscious habits that you have ‘learned’ over many years can be accessed and completely changed. Think of your mind as being like the fuse box in your home.   All the fuses in the box are generally in the ‘normal’ position; family, children, job, finances, home, etc.  One fuse however, has blown; the one labelled ‘weight’.    I will re-set that fuse for you with hypnotherapy, by accessing your subconscious, dealing with the anxiety you feel about food, and making positive suggestions to help you lose weight and regain control without dieting.   Thought Field Therapy (tapping) will help you deal with addictive urges (e.g, for chocolate,  junk or fast-food, starchy foods etc) and the desire to over-eat.  Your self esteem will be improved, your confidence in your abilities will soar, and you will once again feel able to control your weight and improve your life.

These changes will be long-term and the improvement to your life will be significant. Take the first step today, and call Carol Goodwin at State of Mind Hypnotherapy now, on 07983 617999