What is Hypnotherapy

How long will each session last?

Before I actually meet you, I will need to talk to you over the phone and may ask you to complete a form and return it to me before we meet for the first time.  For smoking cessation, you need to allow approximately 1.5 hours in addition to the first call.  For other issues (i,e, phobias, weight management or stress), the first half hour will be free.  If I believe hypnotherapy is appropriate for you, and you are happy to continue, you will then need to allow up to approximately one hour per session.

How many sessions will I need?

I won’t know that until we have met and discussed your issue, then evaluated your improvement after the first and any subsequent sessions.

Am I asleep when I’m hypnotised?

No, you won’t be asleep, but you will be in a state of relaxation.  I will then be able to act as the ‘bridge’ between your conscious and your subconscious mind, and make positive suggestions that you will find easy to accept and utilise afterwards.

I’m nervous of being ‘out of control’ when I’m hypnotised.

Don’t worry.  Even when you’ve relaxed into a deep trance, you always retain full control.  I would not be able to force you to do or say anything you did not feel entirely comfortable with.

I want to be a non-smoker, but I don’t want to actually go through the ‘pain’ of stopping...

I can understand your anxiety only too well, but please don’t worry.  I think you’ll find stopping much easier than you think.  Please take a look at my stop smoking page.

What does being in a trance feel like?

Some people describe it as feeling rather like the last few minutes before you fall asleep; a feeling of deep relaxation.  Most of us go in and out of a light trance on a daily basis.  For example, perhaps you drive on a regular motorway journey.  You reach a particular junction and realise you’ve missed seeing the last two or three.   You’ve obviously been sufficiently in control to have been able to safely drive your car and have driven safely for several miles, but you haven’t been conscious of the journey.  That is the feeling of being in a light trance.   

Is there anything I need to do?

I believe the success of your treatment requires effort from you as well as me.  What this means is that, for example, I need you to be absolutely honest with me when describing your problems or challenges.  Once we have agreed to proceed, we will discuss and set a goal which we will then work towards, together.   I will do my utmost to help you succeed, and I need your commitment to follow my recommendations / carry out any homework.   I will do everything in my power and experience to help, and give you the tools to improve your life, but I can’t absolutely guarantee your success, only you can do that.